[Review] Love, Rosie


I admit that recently i am in the mood of stupid-cupid instead of the happening Halloween LOL on the last week, i finally watched the heart-breaking yet the box-office, The Fault In Our Stars (sorry i know i was too too late!) and the worst is, i am also done watching the all-time-favourite, Before Sunrise. seriously, kill me peeps!


Honestly, you don't need a detailed synopsis. feel free to watch the trailer here anyhow, basically it is a love story between Rosie (Collins) and her childhood-bestfriend Alex (Claflin). they were going back-and-forth on the idea should they be together or shouldn't within that 12 years!

My first comment would be on the beautiful actors, both Lily Collins and Sam Claflin. goshh Collins is undeniably a pretty girl, i gotta big crush on her. she looks even more admiring whenever she smiles. seriously beautiful! hahaha should i ramble on the hunkie Sam Claflin who comes with a pair of cutie dimples! goshhhh he looks sexier whenever he speaks in that Irish accent! yup imma fan of the english men though *blushing*

absolutely a price charming! goshh please come into my dream..........

Next, would be the twisting plots which exaggerate but still logical. he wants her but she denied it, then she wants him but he already taken, again he wants her yet now she is getting married, again she divorces but this time he is getting married too LOL then it keeps on continue til the end LOL  not saying i bored but errr....

HAHAHA again i was so fascinating over the english accent. omg so sexeyyyyy and seductive! hahaha yup i was back from London and watching this film is making me missing being in that city again.

Overall, its a simple romantic comedy story in which it is WORTH your money but i surely not gonna re-watch it hehe Oh please do not ask me to compare with The Fault In Our Stars as both are incomparable. rank would be 3 out 5 :)

THANKS for reading.


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