Yuna & National Symphony Orchestra LIVE at Istana Budaya Tix Hunting

By Wednesday, September 04, 2013 ,

Oh, thank God as they've extended the dates. still haven't got the tix as my last minute decision was sometimes killing me and lot of other times are bringing the LUCK! so, tonight gonna be either good or bad. lets just wait and see. Final preach: Yuna Zarai, please know that i adore you so much and dying to be part of this.


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  1. ehemmmm! nak much the tix ye kak?

  2. my senior also went here! oke. saya je tak dapat nk pergi. sob :D

  3. xpat pon last mnt sgt....sedihhh n sorry yuna i didnt mean for not supporting u huarghhhhhh!! menci!!


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