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PADINI Holdings is one of the most boastful local multibillion textile and garments industry. leading the cloth branding in Malaysian market, they extended their own labels from Padini to Padini Authentic, Vincci to Vincci+ to Vincci Accessories, PDI, P&Co, Seed and etc etc.

Nah, i'm so sure that every woman in Malaysian should have ATLEAST one pair of Vincci shoes in their overloaded collection. i guess their sense of fashion-forward and trending designs are the crucial elements that brought them to this successful chronology.

Thus, this is one of the mentioned extension which named as BRANDS OUTLET. my first impression when the first time i stepped into the outlet was "Oh My Wallet!!" hahahha...seriously, the pricing will definitely kill your wallet as their selling strategy of tagging the price with multi-buy offer is definitely working!

Multi-buy means; Buy 1 FREE 1 or Buy 2 with 1 price of RM69.90! got it?! yup, even when you buy only one item, you'd still need to pay RM69.90, so you will RUGI  lah kan? Wekks, then of course you gonna just grab two of it, pandainya korang menghancuskan dompet saya! ;'D

Honestly, besides the victorious marketing strategy, i do need to admit that their items are great too. usually, the selling stuff are minimilist in design, very wearable one but still stylish enough to attract the fashion-conscious and always comes in bold and bright colours. here are the sneak peek!

i'm just so crazeyy over printed scarves! >.<
omg, that backpackssss! hmmm..
   Buy 1 Free 1! RM69.90 each

Yup, the store is very handy in which you can find clothes, accessories, bags and shoes under this one roof. besides, featuring both women and men needs as well. so, a boyfriend sure will love to bring his girlfriend shopping in here. =P

For me the material is not bad at all. simple said is it goes well with the price lah because i heard this 2 girls were complaining bout it. Ceh, poyo jer so go and shop at A|X or Marc Jacobs ke if you wanna complain a lot! haha..emo! yup, some of them are not really appealing but lot of them are just killer. guys, its gorgeous and cheap! how can i stand?  (=.=)

See See how to choose only one?! hunting for a perfect working outfit. (=.=)

Hahaha..this is a normal attitude of a shopaholic. well, ya know what? mirror reflection is not the same with photo-taken one, so need to see on both sides in choosing the best one. yup, always spent more hours whenever i go shopping alone compare with a companion. the reason is because i don't have the adviser or commentator to help. so, besides this method, i also did this; send photo and whassaping my dear friend and seek her comments whenever i'm in a confusion state.  ;D

Finally, got these 5 pieces!

Yup, finally bring these back home. the total lost is RM113 which i was not planning to buy any beforehand. Duhhh!! so, got 3 large scarves with beautiful prints for only RM50 and 2 new blouses which already worn on today. satisfying and can't wait to wear that orange scarf with my orange back which sure you've already bored with the current combination. Ahakkss~!

Anyhow, i'm so honored to share about the local brands. peeps, if you are planning to visit Malaysia, make sure look for this store and Happy Shopping!  :)


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  1. I love shopping at Brands outlet too.Yes,their strategy of selling 2 pieces on one price does work,but lately,dah tak nampak sgt beli satu free satu tu.Rasanya customers strategi tu dah lapuk dah,and customer dah bijak.Sebab bila dia jual satu free satu,kita boleh tau harga sebenar satu piece berapa kan.

  2. akak suka sangat jeans blouse tu...geram okeh...nak pergi serang balik ni...huh

  3. sy jgk bila ada masa terluang...suka ke brands outlet


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