Dubu Dubu Halal Seoul Food @Sunway Pyramid tested by 2 KPOP Big Fans!

Woohh, feeling so KPOP on that night! ;D

Annyeong haseyo, ireumeun Suzai imnida!! ^^ yup, imma huge fan of K-pop in specifically should say a Fanatic one. often went to the K-pop concerts which boastfully claiming that i have face-to-face meeting Super Junior (more than once!), SuJu M, JYJ, Kara, 2NE1, G Dragon, Jay Park, Sistar, 4 Minute, Brown Eyed Girls, BTOB and don't know if i left any of it. hehe..check my concert label post, sure you will drool over it! Oh ok, i meant to the K-pop fans only lahh (=.=)

So, to trying out their dishes was one of my dream. well, i'm so sure the Running Man / any Korean show fans will dying too since they are always looking soo dem excited eating on those show even just the plain Ramen! LOL now, it is time to face the reality. Ahakks~!

Total Lost : RM 88.30

Its been a while that i don't write any foodies thingy in here. so, this dining was actually during the fasting month when me and Joonyoo (my fav dongsaeng so far HAHA) was craving over the Korean dishes. so, as the expertise, he suggested me to try on this Seoul Food located at the LG2 floor of Sunway Pyramid Mall, Bandar Sunway.

Citron Tea - RM 6.90 / each
Tteokbokki - RM 18

As expected, it tastes as plain as the 'tepung beras' which it is made by. dunno why it combines with the boiled eggs as, the taste doesn't really goes well but let me give a credit to the sauce. it is obviously sweet but for my tastebuds, it is no spicy at all. overall, quite nice to try but already has enough after like 4 pieces.

BBQ Galbi Alc - RM 28.90

This one should be ranked as my fav out of the orders in here. the beef tastes like it has been marinated with some sort of curry powder. a bit spicy which just at the right place. frankly, it looks like a small portion and doesn't go with that PRICEY price but actually really enough for 2 adults. combined with overloaded onions under those meats. the only bad thing about this dish is the meat IS NOT TENDER AT ALL! so, the choice is yours...hahaha but honestly, this is worth to try!

DS Bibimbap Alc Beef - RM 17.90

Actually, i was dying to taste this one. Bibimbap is just as famous as Kpop artist! haha..so, it is the combination of those veggies and meats with the white rice underneath those thingy. hence, should mix all of it with a sauce (don't know what it is but like tomato one) and will ended up looking like a mix fried rice. haha..i was extremely famish since it was a fasting day, so i was super excited to eat some rice here. unfortunately, once it got into my mouth, omo i can't handle the taste. Err..dunno how to explain but it taste very weird! maybe because of the sauce but maybe it was not, so better eat this without it. so, this one is totally FAIL!

After all, it was a great experience as finally my dream comes true. haha..but honestly, i choose NASI LEMAK, ROTI CANAI and NASI GORENG IKAN MASIN over these randomly selected menu as the taste cannot be compare lorh. 

I guess maybe because this is not our foods, so i'm kinda hard to get it. so, mianhae-yeo as i didn't mean to give any hard feeling but i'm just being SO HONEST with my Malaysian's tastebuds vs my hardcore feeling over the Kpop which eventually saying that please let me know if there's any other Halal restaurant selling a GREAT korean foods besides this one?? (^.~)

Food : 2 / 5 (depends on individual)
Price : 0.5 / 5 (mahal nak mati!)
Ambiance : 3.5 / 5 (just nice!)

First thing, JoonYoo was trying very hard to show his new H&M sock! hahhahahha..lepaking at the Starbuck as to kill my weird taste after the meal. once we've done, i just wanted some sweet thing and yup, a coffee! my dongsaeng here is currently studying in Sunway Uni which is just located behind my house. so, dear will meet more often after this one ah, will plan again soon. 

The first-timer who finally enjoying the kimchi. ^^
the expertise, JoonYoo !

till we meet again yar.  ;)


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  1. Seronoknye! Hajar belum pernah try restaurant ni lagi. Tapi kalau fullhouse dah penah try.

    Full house, suasana dia je macam ala-ala korea, tapi makanan dia banyak western je... that's for me la.

    next time boleh cuba yang ni pulak :)

  2. Sedapnyaaaaaaa.. drooling tengok post ni

  3. cube lah hajar utk feeling ala ala korea haha tp jgn order bibimbap tu ntah lah serius XLEH TELAN!

    mira hahah xsesedap rupe ponnn ;D

  4. Helloooooo noona!!!
    Hahaha so funny la this post~
    Yeah the food here was quite a disaster lol
    And finally you got my name correct!

    See you again soon! XD

  5. junyooooooo! NOOna okeyyhhh...dont want to belanja u anymore!!! hahaha..already met lorh n sure lets plan another kpop day in future.. :)

  6. Thanks for the info :) nak tanya tips sikit, mostly kpop concert start around 8. Macam mana nak manage time solat maghrib? I teringin ngn pergi concert bigbang if ada peluang ...

  7. Thanks for the info! I nak tanya tips sikit, kpop concert usually around 8. Macm mana nak manage time untuk solat maghrib yaa.. Coz i teringin nak pergi concert bigbang if ada peluang :)

  8. Thanks for the info :) nak tanya tips sikit, mostly kpop concert start around 8. Macam mana nak manage time solat maghrib? I teringin ngn pergi concert bigbang if ada peluang ...

  9. Iman --> hey there thanks for asking lorh as easy as once you got the seat go out for a while to search for nearest surau, then comeback lorh..hahaha now it depends although u r just in time or possibly gonna miss the opeing...huhu >"<

  10. Adik x try sundubu ke??? akk first time try kedai ni order tu, teruss jatuh cinta. Sedap amatt!! Sundubu dia lg sedap dr kedai sebelah kyros kebab tu.. My opinion ;)

  11. Adik x try sundubu ke? Akk first time order sundubu kat sini terusss jatuh cinta! Sedapp yg amat.. Pada akk lg sedap dr kedai sebelah kyros kebab tu .. My opinion

  12. hehehh tak kak ok then will try to taste it on the next time perhaps? tqsm for d suggestion :))

  13. Try Dubu Dubu at Nu Sentral or Bulgogi Brothers Midvalley


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