How to stay update on your SOCNET when traveling?

First and foremost, that outfit makes me look FATTIER and chubbier. so, obviously if there is no Marina Bay Sand Skypark of Singapore behind me, sure already delete this. permanently!! Grrrrr

SocNet is actually an urban word which i just found out few weeks ago! derived from the words "Social Network" wherein its actually just a short cut of it lor. haha. well. as an aggressive BLOGGER who love updating her real life not just in the blogspot but also in the few numbers of SocNet that she owned, i will die without a good connection!!

Nah, this is one of the obstacle that we may need to face whenever going for an abroad trip. good CONNECTION and GOOD ROAMING service! maybe some of you still haven't got the figure, so let me list out few things that you may do while traveling abroad:

- CHECK-IN the FB status once reached the country *compulsory*
- call your mom and boyfie to tell that you are safely arrived *option on the bf one*
- google maps to search for the hotel direction
- google translate to talk to the local taxi driver who can't speak english at all.
- need to check the currency exchange while bargaining at the night market! *checked!*
- search for the nearest HALAL restaurant/cafe *oh ya, i was always facing this prob*
- forecast on tomorrow weather in order to plan on the itinerary. 
- sure, constantly uploading your photo on the #instagram #fb #twitter etc etc
- finally, stay communicate with your family & friend via Whatsapp instead of SMS!! *double checked!*

So, got it?! lot of things can be settle if you have a GOOD ROAMING service and of course with GOOD RATES! hence DIGI has a GOOD offer to be anticipated about.  ;)

click pic to directly link to the page. (clearer view)

To relate with the travelog above, here is the print-screened of the SIN>KUL roaming rates normally offers to the subscribers. compare with the UNLIMITED INTERNET RM32/DAY offered, that rates are not really valuable anymore! nah, check my cost-efficient calculation below. =P
RM 0.50 X 64 SMEs = RM 32 bill charge with a Limited Data Plan RM 36/day

but if you activate roaming via your lappy or the smartphone with this daily max cap UNLIMITED INTERNET as lower as RM32/DAY, you can get:

- send unlimited SMS (24 hours)
24 hrs stay updating all your SOCNET apps without need to worry on the excessive charges!

More in details: Data usage of 3MB and above will be charged at a flat rate (daily max cap) of RM32 / RM36 / RM56 per day. Data usage less than 3MB will be charged at:
·         RM10.66/MB with 10kb charging block for RM32/day
·         RM12/MB with 10kb charging block for RM36/day
·         RM18.66/MB with 10kb charging block for RM56/day

Fyi, 1MB is enough to upload 15 pics and whatsapping over 1000 msg (without attachment). Thus, change to DIGI and activate your ROAMING plan now!  :)

More info:

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.


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  1. I went to Japan recently and did a roaming there. However maybe there's something I didn't know I end up paying RM300+ just for a couple of minutes usage (using Digi). So unexpected, dunno what went wrong though. I think next time if wanna use my phone overseas, I better buy the country's own prepaid la kot coz it'll be cheaper... tak payah susah2 nak bayar ratus2 bila balik sini. Haru!

  2. X g jalan jauh lagi
    .but..why don't you update the halal food that you found wherever u went up abroad..good info though...ecehhh..


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