Ruammit 1 Halal Restaurant, Chiangmai Thailand

Ruammit 1 Restaurant
170/7 Chakland Road A,
Muang Chiangmai.

Again this was a delayed post of my previous visit to Chiangmai. just wanna share another great dining place. so, this restaurant is serving the HALAL food and located merely at the hub of Chiangmai city. that would probably be the crucial reasons of how this 40 years old restaurant could successfully survive until today. freaking easy to find as it is located at the shop lot on the same road to our hotel, The Imperial Mae Ping Hotel.

Lets drool over the photos below..Ahakks~!
Finally, TomYam soup
Fried Beef with Onion
Fried Mix Vegetables
Steamed Fish with Tomato Sour
Seafood Salad Thai Style
Golden Fried Mini Rolls, sausage and Cook Shrimp with Powder.

Let me just conclude the experience, THUMBS UP! the taste was undeniably great especially if you are the fan of Chinese cuisine hmmmm!!!, everything inclusive the tomyam soup, the beef, the fish and especially the seafood salad thai style. hmm..maybe because i am myself love kerabu so much.

Then, the ambiance is simple yet very comfortable with the fact that it is a Muslim restaurant which lot of Muslim visitors were dining in there. yup, could see group of Malaysian people there. it is open area at the bottom and we seat at the air-conditioned room upstairs.

Thus, if you are coming to Chiangmai and looking for a Muslim restaurant, then definitely this is the right place. noted the address above or visit their official page HERE.  :)

credit photo to SizzlingSuzai.


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