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hey arts lovers,

Since my first sharing of this kinda software got positive responds, hmmmm...quite excited to share the others. this was not similar with photoshop at all! personally, is more like a space for you to create collage based on your creativity in playing with the provided features.

Bare in mind that all the online software is limited due to the membership requirement but hey, it will not disappointing you as the 'unlocked' features are still a lot which could be explore by the user. maybe my first trial up there is quite simple, do please check the below collage! TA-DA!!

Isn't it sizzling enough? haha..oh, i love those cuties so much and yup, yellow/mustard/any hue that stay in the same palette are my favourite colours. obviously showing huh?! freaking awesome as you can upload, resize and drag the photos in the collage. then, can edit the colour and later can paste all those cutie! ohh ohh very SIMPLE and FUN! so, here is The Making....

For me, picture editing is to freshen up the look, to avoid boring feeling looking at the same style of photo and just for fun! hehe..thanks MONKEY for giving this for FREE. yup, no need to sign up and Dushh everything. just visit the and start transforming your photo!

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thanks for reading.  :)


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  1. try jugak
    Simple and senang nak guna

  2. ohhh BEST BEST sure will check it soon. thanks dear for sharing!! :D


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