A Catastrophic Level and @Sizzlingsuzai Instagram Acc!

By Monday, September 02, 2013 ,

follow me on instagram @SizzlingSuzai yar. :)

currently reported location at Sandakan of Sabah. a short business trip which tomorrow gotta 'big' presentation need to be done successfully. now nothing in this heart but few hours soon, i'm so sure the nerve wrecking moment gonna take the place. haiyoo big meeting with big people! hopefully everything will be run finely as planned. so, with the bad flu running thru this nostril and the voice is sengau macam hape jer, i am desperately need to take some nice nap before the sun shine that saying the night just ended wastefully!

will be no update within this moment. near to the catastrophic level already. night!  =.=


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  1. pekerja yang berdedikasi. work smart!
    orait, dah follow ur instagram. =)

  2. hahaha tqsm for both d wish n following..btw hmmmm kawin xnk jmput i kerrrrrrrr.?????


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