Look #103 - A Bulky Layering

F block scarf / Unbranded oversized cardigan / F21 Maxi dress / ALDO platform

Happy Monday which gonna end in a few hours soon, yeaahooo! Yup, absolutely correct. this dress is exactly the one that you've seen in the header above. hoping to avoid the similarity, this time i've paired it with a contrast type of cardigan. a long and an oversized one plus dull in colour, dusty grey.

I was actually quite hesitate to pull out this look at the very first hand since it is bulky and will ended overshadowing my petite size. so, the secret behind wearing this kinda layering is..... "Just be confident about it" !! hahaha yup, nothing else. ;D

Besides, i believe that long cardigan could help to slander those body shape and by opting that 4 inch platform, my height had increasing 5 inch from the actual number. hihi. Oh, moreover nowadays the weather is always gloomy and chill a bit. so, the thick material of it helps to warm me indeed. yup, got pocket on both sides too, freaking Cool huh?!

Another thing, i just hating the clenching on the waist although i understood the fact that it is able to slimmer that area in which will given a slighter look and etc etc. Huh, but don't ask coz i just hate it! ("=.=)

Current condition is i'm struggling completing my real jobs while sneaking time to continue updating this page. plus minus the same-dem-boring personal problems which are not trying to show the end path of it. Daaa!

* Photographed by NoorAzuwanna & Edited by SizzlingSuzai *


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  1. u still look good dear...chill..jangan masam2 muka k..

  2. HAHAHHHAHAHHA kak ogosh syg ahhahahha nmpk cam masam mencuka eh?? HALAMAK tak jd muke top model i ghupenyerrr hahahahhaa thanks btw!


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