How to ESCAPE from your Boring Time!

* Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post *

ESCAPE from keep on wondering on how to kill the boring time by watching your favourite movies from any gadgets that you desire. hey, great news to all the CELCOM subscriber nationwide as CELCOM was just lunching this new apps of world of entertainment. it allows you to watch movies, live events, live news, concerts and even series on anytime at anywhere! 

Irresistible moments, Unmissable events. So, ESCAPE can be defined as:

- got over 500 movies featuring Local, Hollywood, Korean and even Bollywood movies to be watch
- only RM0.80 / hour which simply means a 3hrs of Hindi movie is only cost RM2.40!
- Hi-resolution vid. checked!
- Watch it on lappy, tablet & even smartphone (compatible with iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows)
- flexible: can PLAY & Pause the movie on lappy then, seat in the car and continue watching on the smartphone. *scream*

Opps, lets just be clear on how to get the apps. here are the STEPS:

#1 Ensure you are the registered CELCOM user or else, go and buy the XPAX number. as simple as that! then, sign up here;

#2 Sign in using the account created via your smartphone.

#3 Pick your favourite movie out of the listed one. forever idol, Mr Shahrukh Khan's Devdas is sure will need a box of tissue soon....Deva!!!!!

#4 Opps, before that make sure the smartphone has the ESCAPE apps beforehand.

#5 Then, install the apps and you're ready to flush out the boring boarding time while waiting to depart. hahahaha..sorry i am just in the vacation mood now. cannot stop on pondering on my next gateway!  =P

more info, please visit . :)


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