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Tim (Domhnall Gleesonwho can travel in time discovered the gift at the age of 21. chronologically, his dad (Bill Nighytelling him that every man in the family have always had the ability to travel through the time. starting from that, he keeps on travelling to 'fix' his life.

One blind date, he meets Mary (Rachel McAdams) and they attracted to each other. too many things happened in order for him to get her (lot of 'fixing' here and there) but finally they are dating. then, decided to marry and have a kid.

One day Tim's sister, Kit Kat (Lydia Wilson) involved in accident. Tim travels to again 'fix' the thing but ended up, his child Posy has turned into a baby boy. he seeks for advice from the father and learns that never travel back to the time before the child was born as time will happened differently in every aspect of his life (its like the differ sperm will meet differ ovum, we never knows~! haha).

Then, the climax is when the father left only few weeks as he got cancer.again he learns that some fact just can't be change. eventually, the father dies but Tim keeps on travel to meet him until one day when his wife wants another baby. he refuses at first but realize that life should just go on. at the night before Mary's delivery, Tim visits his dad for the last time and let him know that this is their last meeting. (OK this scene is seriously touching...). so peeps, thats it! hehe


A very simple story. nothing extravaganza about it. no special effect showcase in any scene but seriously a very SWEET and BEAUTIFUL story. not really focusing about the love between Tim and Marry but from my point of view, this movie is actually defining the bonding between Tim and his dad.

Yup, got some funny scenes here and there especially when Tim trying very hard to 'fix' his life perfectly. anyhow, it was like a light entertainment just to ensure that people will not yawning during the whole movie. hmm..quite slow plotting at the end of the movie.

Btw, I love seeing Rachel McAdams so much! she is just sooo naturally pretty and cute with the bangs on the forehead. her style is simple yet moderate. yup, looks a bit country as in her blast The Notebook! hehe she is my actual reason of desiring to get this pre-screening passes.

Overall, my ranking would be 3 out 5. hmm..such a nice movie to watch by the whole family since it shows the value of a family bonding. besides that, liking the end of the story which telling us that we all should appreciate each day as if it is the last time, so we'd never regret each of it sooner or later. nice huh?!

Malaysia screening date: 26th SEPTEMBER 2013

Credit goes to dearest Nuffnang Malaysia.


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  1. travelling in time and also with rachel mcadams as the leading lady is almost like "the time traveller's wife" hehe. but i'll check this one out, rachel mcadams is gorgeous x

    come follow me dear, i'd be very much grateful! <3


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