Get Busy or Too Busy?

courtesy of caleyhustle

Dear diary,

Oh Gosh, by looking at the hiatus mode on the last few days can already tell how busy i am handling the jobs. yup, as always the real job and this baby here. current duty is our company involves in the on-going Eco Build Exhibition held in PWTC which today (19/9/13) is already the last day! we're collaborating closely with Singaporean, Californian and Australian. yup, mix of everything! already dehydrated on a day but still need to continue finishing some assignments given to this blog on a night. huh, quite messy as i am not stop from thinking and pondering for both sides but hey, i guess it is just part of my passion though. so, Alhamdulillah for the chance to learn, the opportunity to well-adopt and eventually, the rizk.  :)

got like few hours to sleep and resting these eyes. sure dying to update about my other part of life which is not talking about works and which is more more more fun! till then, night!


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