Khum Khantoke Authentic Lanna Dining & Shows, Chiangmai Thailand

Khum Khantoke
139 Moo 4, Nongprakung, Muang,
Chiangmai, 50000 Thailand.

Sawadikap, as promised loooOong time ago once i got back from this trip, i was dying to share this unique place right? ("=.=) so thanks to Kak Ogosh, one of the loyal reader who requesting me to share dining places from my travelog which made me remember about this delayed post. 

Therefore, i'm bringing back the memoirs of the previous Chiangmai trip with the photo diary below. as bold as the restaurant name, the place is definitely crowded with local cultures; the decor, the detailed landscapes, the arts, the dresses, the foods and the authentic shows that showering the night. more picture talking below.
Absolutely a spacious area, not sure where is the start and where is the end as not enough time to explore during this visit. mine here was at the LAAN KHANTOKE which consist of 4 wooden pavilion known as Khum. each Khum got Sunken Seat area which at the center is an open area with triangular seat cushions with back rest that could accommodate 800 visitors at a time!

Yup, this place actually being divided into 4 sectors; Laan Khantoke (wooden pavilion and open area), PLub Pla Genuine Thai Cuisine (air-conditioned room), Khuang Khon Muang (couryard beside river), Laan Kluay Mai (open air courtyard), Leelavadee Room (suited for meeting) and KhumKham (3 storey conference facility). this premise is massively huge! GILERR Besarrr TAK??!!
Sparkling lotus are everywhere. the landscape looks very welcoming once you stepped into the place. very green, secret garden feeling and features small market that sells gift to the visitors. Oh, should take off your shoes and put in on the provided rack. sorry forgot to take a picture but somehow give me a Malay costume feeling out of sudden. haha macam nak masuk rumah kena bukak kasut kan~!
They believe that there are 3 women representing the traditional Thai; the fruit carving, the musician and the flower lady. sorry just named it as i forgot to jot down the exact terms. these pretty ladies welcoming the visitors at the entrance. Oh, duduk bersimpuh sepanjang malam pasti menyakitkan, amazing! hihi
The whole shows were interesting indeed as they're performing the Khantoke Parade to greet the guest together with variety of the traditional dancing, some were playing instruments and even inclusive a simple play in the middle entitled 'Hanuman Chases Nang Suphunamucha Episode' which story about Ramayana and Lanka Dity, a Hindu belief. hmmm..very knowledgeable one! 
They are definitely screaming Thailand right? but somehow our dining table above executing Japanese mood on my sight, Errr...a modern one. as you can see, the place is seamlessly spacious with variety section of dining style which you can choose. the best is sure at the open area which in front of the stage where the culture shows took place.


Halal Food Menu 
Chiang Mai Style / Clear Soup / Chicken Curry with Ginger & Tamarind Sauce chiang Mai Style / Deep Fried Chicken / Grilled Young Chili Paste / Minced Chicken and Tomato Sauce with steamed – Vegetables / Tofu Crispy / Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables / Crispy Rice Noodle / Sticky rice or Steamed rice / Fresh Fruit in Season / Coffee or Tea

Now, the most crucial part. not really looking as appealing as the decor huh. haha..yup, the foods were being served in a portion of 4 people. surprisingly, NO TOMYAM soup was included, not sure if our tour guide was not concern about it or maybe it is just not their main dish.

Personally, the taste is good. don't know how to describe each but i love the foods, it was just nothing was really stand out. besides the fact that we were all famish on that night, so the bowls were clean just in few minutes! haha thanks God still got time to took the photo above.

As the Halal issue, i'm so sure you are looking for the logo but i'm sorry as i just don't have it. my colleague claimed that he saw it at the entrance. yup, lesson to learn as insyAllah, i will try my best to include it in my next-next entry.

Quince Juice

I ordered this special Herbal Juice and believe me, do not pick this if you are not the fan of herbs. sweet, tasteless and a very healthy one. haha another lesson to learn!

Overall, it was a very great experience in which i guess, every visitor should list this dining place in the itinerary. ya got the foods and ya got to see and learn the Thai's cultures at a same time, isn't it awesome? yup, i have been to the Culture Village of Kampung Daun Bandung, Indonesia too which i guess both are executing the same traditional feeling that i'm looking for. thumbs up!

Therefore, do not forget to visit if you've ever reached Chiangmai yar. huh, took almost 3 days to finish this entry. so, thanks for reading and Khab khun kap! :)


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  1. Bestnya pegi Thailand ! Teringin nak pegi. Their culture was so impressed !

  2. omg thailand is SO AMAZING. i went there for the summer, and even though i only had about 3 days tops i still had fun among the hustle and bustle!

    follow? it would mean a lot to me, i've love to get to know you :)


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