Cibiuk @Bangi - Rumah Makan Khas Sunda

Location: Seksyen 7, Bandar Baru Bangi

Oh, my foodies entry always be the pending one LOL as this dining was actually happened on several months ago in which i'm myself couldn't recall the exact date. thanks to the washout receipt that i still keep in the wallet. haha it was on 17/3/13. huh what a delay!!

As the name stated, it serves the Indonesian foods. specifically the Sunda's. all i know is i've tasted the original one in Bandung on the previous visit and hey, i think it taste the same lorh. yup, no need to travel all the way to Indonesia since you can easily get it in here. huh what a life!!, lets drool over the photos. ^^

ulaman & sambal 

serves in a buffet style. not much choices during our visit since it was already quite late. we're having dinner and well, i'm not the fan tho. obviously, the sambal is totally differ with us (malay) but yup, its good.

 nasi bakar - RM2.50 /each

This special rice is being grilled with some sort of spices. together being wrapped in the banana leaves. oh, i just can't handle the spiciness and only half eating, then i was busily wiping the tears which coming down from the eyes and nostril too! one conclusion, PEDAS NAK MATI!

sotong crispy - RM14.90

not really nailed my tastebuds as the powder is too much. i understood the name is crispy but hmmm..dear powder, do not overshadow the squid lorh.  portion? ok lah.

keli goreng bakar - RM6.90 / each

my utmost fav! keli or lele or catfish. i don't have problem to eat this for my everyday lunch but should ensure it is being fried perfectly just like in the photo. thumbs up for this!

 tumis genjer - RM7.90

i dunno but i don't fancy this. ;P

 talapia goreng kipas besar - RM29.90

Oh gosh, i still remember eating this at the Kampung Daun Cafe&Gallery in Bandung. very very nice although the fish is being fried to the max but hey, trust me whenever you are dining in any Indonesia restaurant, kindly look for this kinda of dish. actually come with a nice sauce as well. thumbs up!

sup ekor - RM13.90

finally, need something to watery the rice. haha..but this sup ekor is very nice one. yup, should order this too if you are planning to visit soon.

Overall experience
foods : 3 / 5
price : 3 / 5 (pricey actually but due to the international serving kan..hmmm)
ambiance : 3.5 / 5
staff : 4 / 5
location : 5 / 5 (at a new shop lot in Sek 7, Bangi. at a corner lot of a building facing the highway)

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  1. macam sedap je, nak try jugak la pasni, hehe =P

  2. Nampak srdap!terliur..suka nasi padang ni esp yg kat Bandung


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