[Photo] 2NE1 at Twin Towers@Live 2013

Event: Twin Towers@Live 2013
Date: 23rd March 2013
Venue: Plaza KLCC
Camera: Canon EOS 550D

OMO, can't believe that finally i met them for real?! 2NE1 is definitely one of my favourite girls group in the KPOP and i was damn excited watching they performing live at the concert on the last night. btw, this group has been debuted in the year of 2009 and consists of CL, Sandara, Park Bom and Minzy.

Honestly, i've fallen for them since the debut. yup, "Fire" has tackled me a lot as the song is very catchy and the choreography is undeniable  besides, they are always energetic in every live performances and got a  great singing and dancing skills as well! that is the reason why i fanning 2NE1 so much! ;)

Oh, that night was freaking DAEBAK as they sang lot of the hit tracks. started with "Fire", "Ugly", "Lonely", "I Am The Bes", "I Love You" and etc. yup, Park Bom was celebrating her birthday on the same date too!

Last words, you go girls....keep Hwaiting 2NE1!! ;)


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