[Review] Django Unchained

Writer / Director: Quentin Taratino
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Comedy.
Casting: Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L.Jackson & etc.

Directed by the well-known Quentin Tarantino whom i just heard the name during the screening. Err..sorry because honestly, action genre of movie is not really my thingy! then, why did i was so over-excited to win the pass from dear Nuffnang here? the absolute reason is LEONARDO DICAPRIO is one of the main cast bebeh~ heh heh heh..please know that i've got a big big big crush on him since the Romeo&Juliet to the Titanic to the Inception and to this Django Unchained!

First and foremost, tons of appreciation to the Awesome Nuffnang for picking me as one of the winner to win the pre-screening passes! yup, it was a premier show for this movie in Malaysia on the last 13th March 2013 although the movie was released in North America on December 2012! why it took so long lor~


Then, here is not-really-a-short one. set in the year of 1858, 2 years before the Civil War and during the predominance of White people over the Black slaves were separately exercising by the American.

The picture started with several male slaves inclusive Django (Jamie Foxx) being chained and transported by the new owner, Speck Brothers. then, sudden appearance of Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz) who claimed to be a German traveler Dentist and announced that he is looking for the Brittle Brothers and also wanted to pay for Django's freedom. it rising up anger in the Speck brothers and they warned to shoot him without knowing that Dr. King Schultz is actually a bounty hunter, a prompt and heartless one! Errr..but seriously zany in character!

Then, the plot initiate from the releasing of Django who then became a partner to Dr. King Schultz to track and kill all the wanted bounties. Dr. King Schultz offers him freedom and assisting him to rescus his wife, Broomhilda after the winter.

Next plot is when they gotta know that Broomhilda is owned by a brutal Candyland Plantation, Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio) that brought them to the Mississippi. Dr. King Schultz and Django tricked Candie that they wanna buy his fighter/slave for $12,000 and in the same time purchase Broomhilda on-the-side for any reasonable price because they believe Candie won't pay attention if he know that they actually just wanna free Broomhilda at the first place. then, the plan failed as Stephen (Samuel L.Jackson), the Senior House Slave aware of their tricks.

So, my HOT HUBBY Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio) crazily mad and force them to pay $12,000 for Broomhilda's freedom or otherwise they will kill her. Dr. King Schultz agreed and settle the payment and wanted to walk away but Candie demands to shake hands. ta-da my summary should end in here as if you wanna know who is dead and who is standing still, WATCH IT BY YOURSELF LOL. hahaha


Django Unchained, the 'D' is silent. yup, the correct pronunciation is only J-A-N-G-O! haha..that was the famous line by Jamie Foxx the main character of this movie that made us laugh for everytime we heard it. not to mention that this is a cowboy-action-type-of-picture which is kinda brutal and rough with the splashing of blood in everywhere but seriously freaking hilarious!

I was not expected it to be comedy AT ALL but as soon as the character of Dr. King Schultz appeared, the whole picture changed. no wonder why Christoph Waltz has won The Best Supporting Awards for this movie. Two Thumbs Up for him! i guess it is not exaggerating if i'm saying that his role is making this movie alive besides the Django himself. there are like several scenes that made me bursting out laughing and killing my stomach such as the most memorable one is the 'bag' of the Big Daddy's army fussy quarreling! don't know how to describe it but it took about minutes to only discuss about the uncomfortable 'bag'! hahaha..surely dying to re-watch it! ;D

Then, i've no intention to describe the brutal scenes since the shooting fighting are always mind-blowing. prompt action, triggering shooters, blood separating and so-on-and-so-forth as i am not expert in describing action scenes but two word: memang BEST! haha

Thus, my rank is definitely 4.89 out 5.00 and highly recommended to all the movie-goers to watch it although you are not an action-genre fan. yup, please also know that the zany level is 4.99999 out 5.00!

Last word is LEONARDO DICAPRIO is absolutely HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT in whatever character he was in...ohhhh, falling for him all over again.....

Credit info to WiKi.


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  1. ehem...akak baru download last week...huhu

  2. Waaaa..Django Unchained.. Filem yg banyak menang anugerah. Best3.. :-p

  3. If you love movies like Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and Inglorious Basterds, then you'll love this movie. Good review.

  4. kak ogosh-->hahah tgk kat lappy kurg feel kak..hahah but seriously BEST kn ;)

  5. Amirul-->ehhhh dear u look exactly like Nabil mentor tu..hehehe adik die ek? btw no wonder the film is freaking awesome, what mng byk awards!? awesome awesome!! ^^

  6. dtmmr.com--> yup i read it, those are directed by the same guy rite? hahahha havent watch them yet bcoz im not the action-type of movie-goer but after watching this movie, now im dying to get those..give me the download LINK lor ;D hehe, btw tq for the compliment...


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