Who Wanna Join Me to Watch The Pre-screening of Django Unchained?!

Details of Pre-screening

Date: 13th March 2013 (Wednesday)
Time: 9:00pm
Venue: GSC, Paradigm Mall

Alhamdulillah..i've won a pair! ohhh my hubby LEONARDO DICAPRIO can't wait to meet you dear. so, if you are in Klang Valley area and interested to be my partner, do please LIKE my FB page at What So Sizzle Bout SizzlingSuzai? and leave your comment on the status of this post HERE.

Tell me WHY SHOULD I BRING YOU INSTEAD of my roommate? hahaha..she must be so mad at me! XD well, i just wanna give the appreciation towards my readers for being soooooo lovely all this time. TQ so much dearest. so, will see and GOOD luck!

Thanks a lot NUFFNANG! ^^


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  1. It's definitely a film worth seeing.There are some humorous scenes but there are some brutal ones as well. The climate of this film is so unique so Tarantino!


  2. i would love too..nakkk! please please..heheee...

  3. pre-screening? i already have the movie in my laptop since last month. haha

  4. Aww hi babe !! i am actually waiting for the photo too @_@ thanks for visit haha finally your visiting me as i am keep waiting for you to come over as i didnt jot down any of yours blog T_T... i still thinking to steal photo from your side, as i didnt take my camera that day, all is others people's camemra T______T


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