[Review] HIJABISTA March 2013

Oh, i've been so busy for the past week and insyAllah for this coming weeks too. huhu..so, please don't expect for constant updates especially on the fashion post! Urghh...plus i'm not really in a good condition right on this moment....... ;'(

So, those beautiful shots courtesy of the photographers and the Hijabista mag itself. then, i'm so sorry for delaying this sharing and ended up the APRIL issue was already out by now! hahaha..never mind as this review might inspired you to get the latest copy..maybe~ ;)

Before explaining on my reason of posting this entry, let me ramble upon those pages that attracted me the most. the first 4 pages are actually an advertisement of a local hijab fashion brand but seriously, i'm loving the concept, the shot and the styling. yup, i'm quite a detail one as even the ads caught my attention!

Then, the next 5 pages are styling by the Hijabista in which inspired me a lot. my favourite are the last two images up here. the models are undeniable gorgeous, the colour are just so right to my sight and the hijab wrapping are indeed minimalise but seriously splendid! ohhh ohh, suddenly i'm so excite over the two tones of hijab. hehe..yup, i don't have any yet!

Truth to be told, there are still some looks that i'm not fancy at all. hmm...sorry guys as i'm still don't get the idea of combining 3 or more scarves to do a wrapping! and plus the colour choices are quite ridiculous too. then, some styling are quite funny lor especially the HipHop one.....~ huh huh

HAHAHA...then, the price, why can't it reduce a little? c'mon, i know you guys can make it, RM5 please! hahahha..sorry, i'm just being honest and i'm really hoping that this review could motivating and encouraging you guys to word harder and HIJABISTA can finally stand up among the outsider one!

chillax lah as i love PEACE and NO WAR! =)


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  1. yeah, RM5 best juga..mesti lg ramai yg beli..hehe..btw ramai model dlm mjlh ni adalah blogger yg hebat2 kan..semua cantik2..:)

  2. i suke yg ade Faz & baju yg black n white tu!:))


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