[Photo] Gadis-Gadis Cantik at A Friend's Wedding

Tittle: Gadis-Gadis Perasan Cantik!
Date: 2nd March 2013
Location: Anis&Anas's Wedding, Astaka Orkid, UPM.
Camera: Canon EOS 550D

Just wanna share the recent wedding ceremony that i've attended. the bride is my lovely friend whom i met long time ago as we stayed in the same hostel for five years. yup, that is indirectly explaining that the other pretty girls are also my ex-schoolmates and ex-hostelmates!

Indeed, it is very nice to stay contact with each other although it was already 8 years ago! Oh God, suddenly i feel tooo old meh~ so dear friends, thanks for this great bonding and InsyAllah, ukhuwah fillah abadan abada....amin.. ;)

The question here is, who's NEXT? haha


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  1. Salam dearest. The bride and you look so much alike and I love your shawl!

  2. hahahha dear i thought u said the bride n groom look alike! hahah it us? haha maybe bcoz we got d same bloodline kot bcoz she is actually my long-trail cousin... ;)


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