Liga Super: SEL (4) vs JDT (1)

Event: Liga Super 2013 - SEL vs JDT
Venue: Shah Alam Stadium
Camera: Canon EOS 550D

Yeahhhh yeahhh...SELANGOR menang over the star players of JDT!!! hahaha..gembira sungguh rasanya, lihat shj senyuman colgate ku di setiap gambo..haha. yup, this is my very first time watching the football match LIVELY at the stadium in which i've always dying to go. thanks babe for inviting! nanti next match SEL vs whatever, kita turun lagi eh~ :)

Honestly, we both got a big crush on the HOT Aidil. hahahha..but so sorry dear, bila you lawan ngan SELANGOR kami terpaksa lah padamkan sebentar api kecintaan kami terhadap you., bila JDT tak lawan ngan team Merah-Kuning sure kami mainkan pom-pom utk you and utk Makyo juger. hehe..saya suka mereka...! ("~.^)

Lastly, SELANGOR team memang terbaik, 4-1 tuh! hopefully, our team will be the overall winner for this league and also the next-next coming matches!

saya sayang SELANGOR saya! ^^


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  1. Yeahhh, hidup Selangor :)

  2. i'm proud to me Selangor! weeheee...walaupun pika ni nobb giler pasal bola..wuuuuuu~

  3. yeah..nanti sel vs lions xii 27/4 turun lagi jom :D

  4. yeah..nanti sel vs lions xii 27/4 turun lagi jom :D


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