Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash@Lust, KL.

Digi Deezer booth. love it!
thanks dear for being the cool partner..insyAllah will together join more in the future :)
the blowing the candles moment..flashes are everywhere as bloggers are everywhere! Ahakkss
the stickman's bday it for real?!
some of the performance...from the YouTube-er
some of the games..congrats guys. ;'(
enjoying the night! lor i was like having fun in a concert..haha
my partner aka blogger at syafiqahhashimxoxo , Adik SyafiqahHashim ahkak..hehe
with the non-other-than Nisa Kay
from right: Cik PenMerah, SyafiqahHashim, NisaKay & the happy me! ^^
again meeting the TehTarikDrinker. naseb baik u ingat i lagih~! till we 'terserempak' again ok. =D
a new blogger buddy, Mr. Fazrol. tak sempat borak pjg pon but still it was nice meeting u as well~ ^^
 with the new blogger friends, FuiChenHuiLing and their friend (sorry didn't remember the name..forgive me yar)
ahaaakkss...with my crush aka the HOT Darren Low. hahaha..oppa!
harrr we're already look lika a bff kn..haha she is a host of the night/DJ/celebrity Isabelle Button from the TraxxFm. extremely friendly, fun and i'm dying wanna meet her again. nice one dear! :)
the nuffies celebrating the success ending of the night. tq for the hardwork & do please invite me some more yarr. hehe
try my best to warm up the 'balloons' and fly?!???

Event: Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash 2013
Date: 2nd March 2013
Venue: Lust, KL

Finally, here is the look of the recent Nuffnang event and the latest one that i've not-really-successfully participated. oh ya, it looks like i was having fun at an unknown concert right? haha..please know that it was actually a very messy day for me. Urghh we were extremely late and lost~!

Firstly, let me introduce my partner of the night who is initially my reader and now, we've become a real-friend. she is Miss SyafiqahHasim who blogs at syafiqahhashimxoxo. go and visit hers ok. nice person, same mind conceptual as mine ( know what it is dear~) and surely, gonna together attend more blogger's event in the future! :)

Hence, my verdict of the event is OK-lah. huhu..Nuffies, please don't be mad at me yar. the reason of this verdict is because i was too late to join myself in almost all the activities and i didn't even manage to get the food, drinks and goodies!!! like seriously, What The..???? anyhow, admittedly, it was my mistake for being late and lost., not really feel the fire of the event! ;'(

NAMUN, (tetibe kan..hahaha) i am not giving up on joining the Nuffnang events more more in the future. fyi, this Wednesday gonna be one of it which i've won a pair of the pre-screening of Djago Unchained movie. yeaahhhh...thanks a lot Nuffies and c ya soon.. ;)

* Photos are credited to SizzlingSuzai & SyafiqahHashim. yup, you are welcome and allowed to copy it but do please LINKED me back yar. TQSM and Happy Belated Bday Mr. Stickman! ^^ *


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  1. bestnya dapat join event nuffnang...meriah!

  2. ehh dlu i penah masuk ur blog.. penah follow u..hahaa.. tp lame x jmpe i xkenal pulak depan2..kekeke

  3. why there is the only photo of mine T__T

  4. why there is the photo of mine T__T

  5. So... that guy is Darren Low..I just know how does he looks like only after the party, when everyone already blogging bout the party. too i know, the one who's emailing regarding NN event was a hot guy..kekeke =p . dah terlambat nak berkenalan.iskh. haha!

  6. bila tgok pict yang last tu baru ingat u...haha masa tu kita sama2 nak snap pict depan lust tu dgn belon...sakan2...btw follow u

  7. ya i mean that, the only photo of me, only the group photo T_T i cant gather all the photo from all the side, i am so sad T____T

  8. wahhh ade gambar kitee hehehe thanks dearr!


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