Look #82 - Party Like This!

scarf and belt from H&M / unbranded shirt from Bandung / Jeans from Uniqlo / 
Squinned Bag and shoes from Vincci 

My interpretation of a party look is clearly showed in this outfit. edgy enough, chic and ready to rocks the party! well, the shoes is quite 50-50 because by the end of the night, my feet hurts like hell! haha..seriously, it is a sky-high one but as people quoted "Beauty is Pain!" dear~

So, the pants is a brand-new one. honestly, my 2nd item purchased at the Uniqlo store. hehe..i'm not the fan though but this jeans has successfully stole my attention since i was looking for a bright pants on that day. so, got it at only RM 49.90 and will wear it more often. so, be ready to be bored! ^^

Honestly, the reason why i opted for the sling pouch is i just wanted to be free-handed. this event was held at a club where the crowd gonna closely standing at each other, so i just beware of the pickpocket lor~ hahaha..well actually my pure intention was i wanted to freely mingle with the other bloggers while busy snapping the DSLR. hence, my both hands need to be freaking free!

Yup, this was captured at the recent 6th Nuffnang Birthday Bash 2013 which i've won the invitation. sadly, me and my partner were too late til we missed the goodies & lot of other fun activities. Arghhh..will tell you more on the special post of the event later. c ya then!

* photographed by Miss SyafiqahHashim & edited by me *


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