In-Trend: Multi Tiny Rings.

By Monday, March 11, 2013

My LOVE towards ring as an accessory just can't be denied. i rather going out naked on the wrist and neck but not the fingers! so, this is a trendiest trend in which you can see lot of them being sold at the accessory store right now. yup, despite the F21, you can also gain lot of splurge-inspired items at the Vincci accessory outlet. seriously, gonna kill your wallet as i just doing my visit on the last week...huhu.

Why this trend report by the WhoWhatWhere stole my heart? simply because i LOVE rings so much! haha..yup, no other valid reason. so, girls better start collecting your tiny little rings, perfectly mix-and-match them and proudly walking out the door as you are the fashion-forward stellar!  :)


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  1. women and accessories cant be separated :D

  2. pika pun ada ring diamond dgn ribbon tu!! sebijik..hihii..beli before bulan puasa tahun lepas..ngeee..


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