"Miss Right" [Dance Version] by Teen Top

[photo courtesy to its owner]

Oh, let me first introduce my dongsaeng here. haha...named as Teen Top (Hangul: 틴탑), a boy group from South Korea. being debuted in the year of 2010 and honestly, i'm just being the fan by the middle of 2012! sorry, i was not interested at all during the success of 'clap' or 'Supa Luv' but i was going so crazy over their comeback of 'Crazy'!!

So, this is their latest HIT track in K-POP in which i'm always playing the song at anytime and everywhere! i just can't get enough of the cool tune and freaking cool choreography of this new comeback. check out the dance version MV here.

seriously COOL huh?! they are great dancers, very synchronize and featuring nice vocals too! well, i am actually so excited to share their other songs which for me is one of the best in KPOP. try to check on "Crazy" , "To You" and "Be Ma Girl". those are comes with awesome choreography as well! yup, you are recommendate to play the LIVE performance at the YouTube.

hehe..just wanna let you know that my fav member is the CUTEST Chunji. omg, he is damn adorable and got a nice voice too. he is actually one of the lead singer after the great Niel. Ohhh, i just can't look at his smile...Arrgggghhh naega mijeosso.... ;D

[my Chunji pic is credit to the owner]

last word, why CHUNJI is soooooooooooooooo CUTE??!! and wish this group become more successful in the future, so HWAITING TEEN TOP! hehehehhe....  :)


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