[Review] Oz The Great And Powerful

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OK. another recent movie that i've successfully watched on the same night of the "Jack The Giant Slayer". yup, we're doing the movie marathon which ended up giving me fever till today. sigh~

Again, it was also not my intention of watching this kinda of picture since fantasy adventure is not my interest at all. yup, the tix is paid by my dearest MissTia. two movies in a row? thanks a lot dearest! muahh3x.. :)

Sorry, i don't have the intention of writing the summary of the movie as i am not in the mood today~ so, lets cut to the short by just giving up my verdict whilst you can read the synopsis at the WiKi. ok?


Well, the picture started with a black & white screen when the main character, Oz is still living in his real world. now, the beginning was already damn BORING! yawn. yawn. yawn.

oh God, i felt like watching two childish films which is ridiculous and fake! yup, sorry to the fans as i'm being too honest here, admittedly i am not fancy a fantasy adventure genre of movie. hmmm...to be fair, yup i do adore some of them such as Twilight, Chronical of Narnia and Harry Porter although i don't watch the phenomenal series but still i admire it a lot but sorry not this one!

Well, i guess i'm just not in the mood of being fascinated by the fantasy world which perfectly executed by the movie. at that moment, i felt so disgust when Oz whom being trapped in tornado but luckily he was save and being landed onto a fantasy world called as Land Of Oz. Wth???  yup, i guess i was just not in that 'right mood' in which i should set in my mind that Suzai, this is a real-FANTASY movie!! hmmm...sorry fans.

Thus, i don't wanna make a harsh statement further since it gonna hurt those fans. however, thanks to the sense of humor which inclusive along the movie that finally cheering up my mood. yup, not as boring as the 'Jack The Giant Slayer', this one is way BETTER. seriously~

The rescue is done by those cutie characters such as the Monkey who named as Finley and the China Doll. they are really cute and entertaining! well, besides the fact that Oz who played by James Franco is a very handsome magician too....hmmmm flirtatious and seductive enough but his smile is quite creepy though. hahaha...

Anyhow, i'd recommendate this movie only to the fan of a fantasy and fiction kinda movie and please set your mind beforehand that you will be taken into a new whole world. just forget about what is real and what is not as it will boring you to the max! hahaha..so, the rank is a bit higher as it is quite entertaining and the main actor, James Franco is hot. heh heh...so, 2.5 out of 5.0.

END with this is totally based on my own opinion and PEACE No War!  :)

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