Happy Birthday Along @Dome, KLCC.

This was happened on the last 7.3.13 when we made a small celebration for her. just having a quick lunch together since me, my dad and my beloved sister here are living in different homes. so, we took the short lunch time since we are rarely seeing each other.

So, let me take this opportunity to wish her HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY DEAREST SISTER. wish this year gonna be more awesome with the born of your cutie, Syed Amirun Faiz. hehe..a.k.a my Nyonyot! haha..do please be patience on waiting for your birthday present yar and i LOVE so much! :)

Now, rambling about the cafe, this is my very first time dining in there. ok, lets discuss in detail.

 The menu
 Dome signature blended coffee with choc topping
typical Nasi Lemak
  Smoke Salmon
  Spicy mushroom pasta

The total lost for 3 diners is approximately RM130. Pricey huh?!

anyhow, i do have a complaint on the signature coffee blended which cost almost RM20! sadly, it is not the best one even compare with the Starbucks's. i don't know what others think about it but personally, i'm not fancy this one.

Then, the Nasi Lemak is OK lah, the salmon is good but oh-ho not the pasta. oh, i hate creamy sauce sooo sooo damn much, so i admit that this is my own mistake for ordering that kinda pasta. poor pasta as nobody wanna finish it. huhu.

Hence, my last word is Dome cafe is pricey! hahaha..


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