16.3.1988, i was born!

3 days ago was MY BIRTHDAY!! haha..no time to announce in here as i'm so busy updating about other matters besides quite busy handling the job too and managing my flu and fever! haiyoo. not really in a good condition now. ;'(

Anyhow, Alhamdulillah as Allah still giving me the chance to live on His earth and breathing perfectly. well, i don't have complaint on this fever since sakit kan menghapuskan dosa-dosa kecil. Wallahualam...thank The Almighty God.

So, my wish for this 2013 is hopefully, my life will be shower with more successes and loves..amin. success in terms of ibadah, career, money, live and lot of other things. while, love means at every single side which are from my beloved family, dearest friends, blog readers hehe and assuredly, someone who i haven't met yet.....

Oh i do appreciate all the wishes coming from my mom, dad, sister and kawan-kawan tersayang. thank you so much for all the prayers especially yang part 'semoga dipercepatkan jodoh tuh...' ..amin. hehe and papa Joe, thanks eh belanja makan as well. yup, dah tua-tua macam ni mana ade cake dah. haha..who cares as i can eat the cake whenever i'm craving for it lor~   ;D

Well, the photo was taken on the night before the 16th where my lovely buddy, MissTia celebrated the special day for me. thanks a lot dear for spending the good time together and paying those movies marathon too. haha..sorry for not really fanned it. hahaha...anyhow, i'm so sure we gonna have lot lot of fun on this coming 20/4/2013. oh really can't wait. insyAllah..friend is forever ok...amin.  :)



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  1. happy belated bday dear.moga segala yg di impi akan tercapai

  2. happy birthday sis suzai!
    May Allah bless you :)

  3. happy birthday to you..
    happy birthday to youuuuuu...
    Moga di panjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki selalu...amin..

  4. hey, Happy balated birthday to you :)


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