[Review] Journey To The West 2013: Conquering The Demons

Directed by the well-known comedy actor, Stephen Chow and Derek Kok. obviously, an action-comedy film that is being re-interpretation from the legend tale of 'Journey To The West'. apparently, the movie is lead by my favourite HK actress ever, Shu Qi and yup, that is one of the crucial reason that made me dying to watch this Chinese (Mandarin) film. Shu Qi, Wo Ai Ni!!! besides the fact that i'm so sure this movie gonna hurt the stomach as this is Stephen Chow's product dear!  ;)

Now, i guess i don't need to give the synopsis as every Chinese already known about the tale and in the same time, assuredly other races who don't-care-what-type-or-what-language-as-long-as-its-a-great-story like me will definitely enjoying the legend too!

yup, i'm being the fan since childhood when the famous series of 'Journey To The West' being aired on our local TV channel. Wahhh..still remember the moment when i finished the school at 6p.m and the show started at 6p.m as well. so, everyday i rushed cycling my bike went back home as i don't wanna miss any single scene...hehehe thank God, i am still alive! =D

So, let just scroll down some of the funniest a.k.a my fav scene in the movie. starting with all the scenes in the cave where the Sun Wukong (the monkey king) is being trapped for 500 years by the Buddha. the 'dancing tutorial' part is EXTREMELY FUNNY, ZANY or whatever you call it dear. i was dying from laughing! because the acting is damn REAL as the actors are laughing too!! hahahhaha... like seriously, the director didn't cut it and make it more hilarious seeing Shu Qi (Bai Gu Jing) and the Sun Wukong laughing at each other while flirting and dancing! XD

yup, this is the 'dancing tutorial' from the Sun Wukong (the monkey king). SERIOUSLY killing my stomach! XD
then, this part when Bai Gu Jing (Shu Qi) try to confess her love for SanZang where SunWukong is watching them! ahhaha..just look at the 'blur' look of him sitting on the stone watching the love drama! haha
hahaha..this is when SanZang (right) try to convince to the 'monkey' that he is 'seductive' enough to be that 'dancing lady' to trap the Pig Demon! there are so much more zany scenes between these two characters!
Bai Gu Jing (Shu Qi) learns to be a ladylike from her sister. one word: Shu Qi is the best!
Another funny scene when Bai Gu Jing (Shu Qi) try to seduce SanZang! should watch it by yourself! X)
oh i love this Persian Prince character. Sho Luo is definitely handsome and HOT! omg, i fell in love with him! hehehehe 
now, that is the powerful Pig Demon. haha..Sanzang is being force by Bai Gu Jing (Shu Qi) to kiss the ugly pig!
Shu Qi is deadly gorgeous no matter what! oh love her so much!!

So, i don't wanna add anything else just please know that my rank for this movie is 4.99 out of 5!! it is totally and extremely LOL! memang lawak tak hengat punyerrrr...now go and watch it!! X)

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