[Whats Up K.L] Jay Park Malaysia Showcase 2012

Date: 13 May 2012
Venue: KL Live, Jalan Sultan Ismail
Time: 7.00pm

don't have any idea on who is this cutie? haha..honestly, i'm just being his fan since he debuted solo and i'm clearly saw his talents especially in dancing lor. haha..admittedly, i'm his ex 'anti-fan' during the 2pm time! kyaaaa!!! =D

just check on his latest HOT single here and for sure you will be infected by his cuteness. hehe..

Oh ok, maybe you will like the acoustic version more. hehe..im telling the truth ONLY THE MV is attractive to me because its romantic and cute but as for the rhythm, i'd prefer the remix version more!!

now, guess what? i'm going to meet him EYE-TO-EYE!!! haha..no joke, we are even buying the autograph passes!! yeeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaa JAY PARK OPPA i'm coming to you!!! =D


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