HFW DAY 3: "Time Travel"

Black pashmina
My mom's old blouse worn as Outerwear 
Inner top from Forever 21
Skinny jeans from Forever 21
Necklace from Diva
Clog platform from Aldo


First of all, i should say sorry for the just-woke-up look on my face! haha..yup, this shot was lazily done on Sunday morning when i just done taking the bath. haha..thats explain the LAZY BLACK PASHMINA and the slothful look of it, sorry!  =D

Now, without further ado, here is the 3rd theme on the 3rd day of HFW, the "Time Travel"! the challenge is to bring something back from the past and combine it with any recent item or trend. so, what i understood from the phase is i need to 'steal' my mom's old piece and pair it with mine! hehe..

Therefore, i've got that bold printed blouse from my mom's closet. honestly, i've been thinking of wearing it long time ago but i just couldn't find the right time for it. i guess i should thank the HFW crew for coming up with this brilliant idea. here is the close-up look of the Little Pretty Blouse (LPB). haha..

The crazy colours of the print is seriously interesting! besides, i love the material which is very comfortable and cozy that make it appeared as a kimono instead of just an outerwear, a fake kimono! hehe..well, it is recommended to unbotton this 'type of blouse' because otherwise, you will look like a nanny whos wearing her old cloth. haha..yup, overall its quite vintage which i love it!

So, beauties you are most welcome to view other hijabi's inspiration look at the OFFICIAL HFW page. CLICK HERE. be ready to be inspired! ^^

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  1. Fascinating,you still keep your mom's top ;-)

    And it's called vintage!

  2. vintage ! love it :)

  3. Salam.. Oh, the chains... :) Your mom must have been a trendy and fashionable lady herself, ya? Good one, dear..

  4. Omg Suz that's an awesome shirt!! Ur mum must be so cool! I wud love to visit her closet! Lol


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