Photo Diary #1 - Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is one of the low temperature land in Malaysia which is located at Pahang Darul Makmur. honestly, this was my 4th time being in there but i'm still excite over the bunch of strawberry farms that were everywhere can be seen at the highland.

i'm not really in the mood of telling the plot of the day as we took the time mostly for resting and ZZzzzz. the temperature is low and chill, therefore sleeping is highly recommended!

however, i still wanna share the place that we have visit on the 1st day which is the strawberry & veggies farm, spending the evening at the Starbucks cafe lor~ , having a great dinner at the 'Glory 78 Steamboat Snack Corner' and the night market which is just under our accommodation, the Star Regency Apartment Hotel. thats it!

haha..sounds boring but still fun trying all the strawberry flavored dishes such as the sundae, waffle and the strawberry tea! haha..yup, it was all about the strawberry! ok, then i'll continue sharing my vacation photo on the 2nd part. c ya...


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