Review on NiMe Sale and TOPSHOP Coming Sale!

Oh Oh..i'm truly LOVE this kinda news! well, honestly i've been eyeing a DOCTOR'S BAG at the store when i'm doing my window-shopping activity last week. so, i really hope that the gorgeous bag is listed in the discounted items although the original price is already affordable enough, RM69.00! huhu...the bag almost look like the GREEN one in the photo!

they are CHLOE Winter 2012 collection but mine is just a Topshop, ok? hehe i mentioned to you that i'm so eager to visit the NiMe Luxury Bag Sale on the last-last weekend (sorry couldn't remember the date anymore!) and yup, i've successfully made my way to the One World Hotel and witnessed it by myself. VIEW THIS IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANY IDEA ABOUT IT! expected, i was not buying any of the items plus IT WAS ACTUALLY OVER MY BUDGET! seriously the discounted prices were unexpected and very luxury as the name of the branding. they were Prada, Burberry, Kate Spade and the cheapest was Coach sold at Rm1000+.

haha..mine attraction was on the golden Prada tote that sold at RM4000+!!!, i wonder how much percentage discount has been deducted from the original price?? by pondering in the small hall that contained items cost of million ringgit has made me realized that I CANNOT AFFORD PRADA YET! hahahahhaha...giler baru perasan kan~ are allowed to laugh at my stupidity! XD


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  1. hi can i know where do you get that info about topshop event thingy? thanks

  2. yeah realizing prada is actually expensive is kinda stupid. kalau murah, bersepah-sepah la orang pakai prada kan~

    but still, on good sale, you can find a coach as low as RM500. Coach usually make a seasoned sale for their members online. And these members boleh beli 10 bags. Usually these members open a blogshop so kene rajin cari.

  3. OMG..beg mana yang murah sgt tu...nak..nak..kirim bole? akak bg duit...hee

  4. aina-->well i got it from my sister..huhu ^^

  5. Anonymous --> hahahahha..haiyoo jgn r marah..u mesti PRADA BIG FAN kn..haha tu r bru sedar x mampu upenyer! haha..coz slalu rse nk spend je on a bag but when it comes the time to decide, rase rugi plak. huhu..then i always ended up stick to the one! =(

  6. kak ogosh--> tu la de org PASAN LEBEH die ingt gaji die sebulan RM10k bole r bli bag 4k hape sgt la kn..hahahhahah ngajok r camni! =D


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