Photo Diary #2 - The Strawberries!

By Wednesday, May 09, 2012 , ,

continuing the 1st part with this second photo diary. honestly, i'm not really liking much of the photos but still those strawberry shot was one of the best from my Canon Eos 550D especially the 1st three of this row.

haha.. thanks to the manual handbook as i just start to read it the night before. so, i've learned lot of new skill sof using the camera after bought it for almost 6 months. haha..yup, its really bore to read compared to learn those skills directly from the pro!

anyhow, i'm still trying my best to improve my very limited photography skills from time to time. huhu..i'm not really in the mode of writing today. thus, till then peeps, c ya on the next post!


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  1. sedapnya...did you bring something for us (readers) sikit? hehe...

  2. haha.sorry AKK CYGKU..sume nyer dtelan di sana je xd sekor pon y sy bwk blk! hahaha


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