Look #49 - Lets Go Green!

pashmina from Jalan TAR
aviator from Vincci
top from SuperShow 3 Official Tee
cropped blazer from KL bundle fest 2012
jeans from F21
brogues from chic pop streetmarket

Admittedly, that bright green cropped blazer is come with a very stylish collar but unfortunately its not really showed in the photo. anyhow, let me share a secret of my shopping habit. as like other girls, i always draw to try any new and hot trends in the season but my petite shape is preventing me to look good in certain styles. so, i really need to consider this weakness by wisely pick the only best on me!

The other problem that soon will occur is it will be a total waste if once you've wore it, the next day you just feel like wanna throw it because it was actually look terrible on you. yup, you can throw it together with the hundred ringgit that you've spent on it lor~ so, sometimes we just can't decide whether it good on us or not!

therefore, my simple method is GO AND LOOKING FOR A THRIFT ITEM which is most similar with the one that you desired for. the reason is assuredly because its cheap! so, if you wore it once and then, you won't have any sympathy feeling to give it to anybody or just throw it away! haha..

thus, as i claimed that the cropped blazer is a thrift item that i've got at the previous KL Bundle Fest 2012 with only RM10! it was actually my experiment to give a cropped pieces a try. yup, i always wanna wear this kinda garment but i'm not really confident with it since my upper body is quite bigger compare with the lower one. hmmm....i guess i am! so, i verdict that it will makes mine look bigger and bigger.

haha..now by looking at those photos above, i must said that i don't really fancy this blazer jacket. its not because its a cropped one but more on the reason that its actually BIGGER than my actual size especially at the shoulder part. so, it make me look bigger 1000+ cm than me! plus the material is quite thick, so its HOT to be wear in a HOT weather! haha..fortunately those photos were taken during my vacation at Cameron Highlands. ^^

later i will post more vacation photos, ok. till then peeps!


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