[TUTORIAL]Colouring the B&W photo!



yup, this is my very 1st time colouring a photo. honestly, i've been anticipating to look for the tutorial since i got familiar with this Photoshop but i just don't find any reason to do it...haha. now, as i got a request to colour this B&W passport photo, so i know THIS IS THE TIME! (dirty beat!) XD

it was just like the previous bokeh editing, again i felt so dumb because it is as easy as ABC! if you wanna FULL TUTORIAL that i got tru the google, you can check it in here. CLICK HERE

now, let me simplify it by giving my own tutorial. caution, assuredly this can only been understood by the user who is already familiar with the Photoshop basic function.

duplicate layer > brush > mode=color > opacity=80% > 
then start colour your image > DONE!

it so freaking simple, huh?! before you save the finished image, adjust the contrast to make it stand out more. plus you can also adjust some other image adjustments for a better look. so, good luck guys! ^^


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