HFW Day 4: "Destinations"

Aviator from Vincci
Necklace from Diva
Unbranded Inner Top and Inner Scarf
Leopard Printed Blouse 'stole' from my mom's old wardrobe
Jeans from Forever 21
Clog Platform from Aldo

Salam beauties...

Yeaahh..this is my FAVOURITE theme in every HFW session! as clear as the tittle, this 4th day theme is required me to showcase an outfit that i'd wear if i go for travelling or having fun at a cozy holiday. haha..i hope mine description here is atleast 98% correct. hehe..

so, the answer to the question "What would you wear?" had already answered by the camwhoring photos. haha..i knew that the TURBAN style will deflect the most attention! ^^ as usual, i chose jeans instead of skirt as it is more freedom and comfortable to walk the whole day in it. besides, that leopard printed blouse that i 'stole' from my mom's closet and officially make it as mine is seriously comfy enough and cool!

now, the next question that need to be answer is "Where would you go?". my answer would be based on the above outfit which exhibiting chic factor and urban atmosphere with a little touch of heritage! (p/s: because i'm holding a camera's bag that making me look like a amateur photographer..haha). therefore, i guess this outfit is suitable for a historical destination like Bali or Istanbul, maybe?? hahha..why don't you name it LOL. XD

overall, i LOVE my Turban look soooo much! so, i hope you guys love it as well. then, c ya on the 5th day tomorrow that will feature more fresh and inspiration idea. beauties, you are INVITED TO VIEW other fabulous 4th day look at the HFW OFFICIAL PAGE by CLICK HERE.

anyhow, i'm scared that tomorrow entry will be postpone to Saturday since i'll travel to the north of Malaysia for my ex-roomate's wedding. hmmm...please be patient and do not forget to check it yarrr as i promise that the outfit is MORE MORE MORE STYLISH than this! hehe..

TQ peeps! ^^

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  1. gojes lagik!!!! huwaaa...mantop

  2. wowww this one i nak tgk in real life la ehhehe

  3. Love this oufit, I would wear this on an African safari! hehe

  4. This style the BEST....WEWIT!!

  5. very nice and love the hijab style. www.diyhijabie.blogspot.com

  6. dear..dear... that leopard outer is so chic! ur mom must be soo stylish! :D
    n u r getting pretty, Suzai! :*


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