HFW DAY 2: "Favourite Hijab"

Pashmina from Jalan TAR
Denim jacket from Goggles
Inner top from Forever 21
Bag from Vincci
Clog platform from Aldo

Aviator from Vincci, Watch from Vincci, Bangles and Necklace from F21


As i promised you more colours and vibrant look will be share in here! now, am i looking red enough for your sight? haha..as my friend claimed that my 'hot' pants was the same hue with the sofas and the curtain! hahahaha....kureng betol cik Piqah itu~

so, this 2nd theme for the 2nd day is "Inspired by you favourite Hijab" which i need to create an outfit that idealize by my fav Hijab. here is the ZOOM IN of the pattern and colour of the hijab but let me declare that it is the combination of Soft Pink and Baby Blue palette.

personally, i don't find that blue and pink can be a great combo as we all know that blue is kinda representing 'baby boy' and pink, surely a 'baby girl'...hahaha. therefore, its quite weird it we try to imagine the result of those pairing but as i try to pair my hot red jeans with that blue denim jacket, ta-da i'm so impress by the result! hehe..

frankly, this look is quite preppy but assuredly chic! i can imagine myself going for a rock festival or any youth event in this outfit. besides by pairing these two contrast hues, the bold red at the bottom part is automatically naturalize by the soft blue colour of the jacket. so, you will not feel like a walking red-hot-chilly-paper LOL. haha..

Oh yarr..i'm also impress by the combo of the straight cut jeans with the clog platform as when i put on the pants, i was like thinking for another shoes but the problem is i left it all in my car boot! haha..so, as i don't have any choice, i just lazily grab the clog and again ta-da its PERFECT! haha..i'm so happy to be the lazy me! hahaha... =D

thus, a GREAT APPLAUSE for the HFW crrew for coming out with this theme. its really the hardest for me to think of but obviously, it is SERIOUSLY INSPIRING! a really nice job ladies...salute! ^^

beauties, you are most welcome to check out the other fabulous look at HFW Official Page by CLICK HERE. then, c ya on the 3rd day with a greater look! ^^

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  1. Loving your printed pashmina!! <3 :)

  2. tq dear..yup thats y its my FAV HIJAB! haha..serius suke corak die, i'll try to add the zoom in look by tomorrow morning.. ^^

  3. Salams Suz!
    Nice to see u again on HFW! Love the scarf!! :)

  4. Salam. Hi there gorgeous pashmina...! I love it too, dear.. The shawl and the rest of the look..

  5. I love the red colour of your outfit, so cool!


  6. Oou~ I love your hijab in this :DD

  7. Love the whole look, it all works well together :)

  8. beli kat jalan tar pun still nampak klas...


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