Look #48 - The Hijabista

ok, i know this is quite an overreacting pose but i wanted to show the 'batwing' sleeve of it! huhu..

slouchy sweatshirt from Forever21
unbranded maxi skirt from a bazaar
ring and necklace from Diva

obviously, both of the slouchy sweatshirt and the maxi skirt are the brand-new items in my wardrobe and i'm LOVING it like i don't wanna stop from wearing it. hehe..the infinite comfortable top is from my current fav brand, the F21 which was my love at the 1st sight! so, i just can't help from buying it although i've promise to myself that i won't shop anything at the end of a month. hehe..

personally, i love the slouchy design of it although my exact size should be a bit smaller than that but its totally OK as it is making the shirt more cosy and warmer. besides, the material is light and breezy..satisfaction!

while, the skirt was my 'big' purchased at the previous KL Bundle Fest 2012. its a brand-new piece and i've got it at only RM20! seriously, its more that worthy as i fancy the button-detailed on the middle of the skirt so much. its simple yet stylish.

OK then, i'm so exhausted right not as i just came back from a nice vacation with my family. yup, you can expect more FASHION LOOK post plus those long-trail beautiful holiday photos in this page. =)

thanks for visiting and c ya...


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  1. guess what..just miss the time we went for window shopping dear

  2. i nak pakai maxi tapi xberani.. haha. actually, suke sgt tgok org pakai. hopefully satu hari nnti i akn pakai jugak.. :)

  3. wanie-chan cyg y drindui selalu-->haiyoo..dear miss u too..mai la sekali sekala trun kl we cn go hang out together!! >.<

  4. ming ming-->yup absolutely max comfy!! dats why i love it so much ^^

  5. sue-->by looking at ur photo, i guess u r slim enough to wear it instead of the petite me! huhu...i pon mule2 takut cam over-dressed gak thats y im loving this kinda maxi skirt, its very casual ^^


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