UNIQLO Opening at Mid Valley!

Event: UNIQLO Opening
Date: 24th May 2012
Location: Mid Valley

Oh, i'm not gonna miss this again!!! fyi, i was super excited when this Japanese branding announced their 1st opening in Malaysia at the Fahrenheit long time ago but due to my responsibility as a student, i had to cancel the plan. haha..so, i've no other reason to be absent on this coming Thursday. yeaahoooooo!!!

yup, it will be held officially on this 24th May 2012 which is just 1 day from this post's date! you should know the main reason that making me extremely EXCITED is because their icons who are representing Uniqlo Malaysia will also joining the event. seriously, HE IS TOOOOO HOT TO HANDLE!

[photo is not mine]

hahaha...honestly, i'm dying to meet MY MR. PERFECT, who else ABANG FAHRIN AHMAD lar kan! hahaha...plus i am also very anticipated about the opening sale as we know that everything will be discounted as low as one pair of skinny jeans will be sell at only RM49. woohoooooooo...besides, actually i always trying to get one piece of their UT tee but I AM WAITING FOR THE LOW PRICE of it. hahahha...so, this is the time people! X)

thus, see ya on Thursday and i'll make sure that i wake up early than usual, bring my Canon, surely dress myself beautifully (for Encik Fahrin Ahamd..hehehhe) and quickly drive myself to the Mid Valley and be the first 500 persons at the Q! p/s: because you will get a UNIQLO tote for FREE!


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