Hey Newbies!

writing on Sunday night is quite weird for me. haha..usually i don't post any new entry on weekend due to the lost connection at home. so, today can be consider a lucky day for the viewers who coming into this blog as i just wanted to announce that there are newbies in the wardrobe. yeahhhooooo!! =)

actually, i've been looking for a new heels since last week when i visited almost 4 Vincci stores around KL. fortunately, only today i gotta chance to tawaf the OU and found the 4-inch that caught my attention only after 5hrs and finally, clean the wallet!

ohh..and yup, i've successfully got a belated Mother's Day's gift for my mom. atlast! so, good night peeps and c ya tomorrow on a dull MONDAY morning. hehe..i hope your day will not gonna be so boring lor because now, i LOVE ISNIN sooooo much! lalallalalallalallalala....  ("^.^)


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  1. oohhhhh DON'T!!!! hahahha..actually ISNIN here got another menaing dear...hahahhaha XD


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