Say Hey to the Snake!

By Sunday, May 20, 2012

honestly, i've never been interested with SNAKE!! haha..but this super high heels is comfortable and admirable enough for me to pick and pay just after 5hrs of searching and trying! it is actually came with another 3 attractive hue which are mustard, green and blue but due to its high flexibility, i chose black!

yup, its my new purchase as mine was already too old to be worn at a wedding or any formal events. haha..i've got 4 invitations to be fill on this coming 3rd and 4th June 2012! haiyooo...they should be wisely arrange as one of the invitation is belong to my beloved ex-roommate which will be held at Muar, Johor...hmmmmm tak memain punyer~ 

btw, i'm so excited for her. to dear NOOR HALILAH and her spouse, Mr. Zainol, i wish everything will run smoothly and you guys will live happily ever after..insyAllah..c ya on the big day ok!  ^^


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  1. OMG, that's awesome! Sssssizzzling ssssnake...! ^^

  2. hidaya-->harr cepat cepat selagi stock maseh ada!!! haha..serius kaler y lein pon cun gilerrr X)

  3. fya-->sebab SY PENDEK!!! hahahahhaha XD

  4. mr.zamri-->HAHAHA..xbleh blah sizzling snake..EEuuwwww!!! XD

  5. wahhhh new heel mehhhhh...i want one lor hehe


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