[Photo Diary] Jay Park Showcase Malaysia 2012!

Event: Jay Park Showcase Malaysia 2012
Date: 13th May 2012
Venue: KL LIVE

as i mentioned that me and my beloved k-pop babes were going to this cutie's showcase as the tix were sold at a very affordable price. haha..because usually it will take about RM120+ but this time with only RM95, you've got the SHOWCASE PASS, AUTOGRAPH PASS, ORIGINAL CD/DVD New Breed, Official t-shirt and poster!! Woow..super valuable! XD

ok, a little bit introduction about this cool guy. his stage name is JAY PARK and better known as PARK JAEBOM by the fan. oh, the fan also got a name lor, we are the JAYWALKER. he was the former member of 2pm and right now, he is going solo with his R&B, soul and Hip Hop genre of music. oh, i must add that JAY PARK is a great dancer and rapper!

well, this was not his 1st time coming to Malaysia as 2 years ago, my dear babe had already met him when he was not as hot as now. haha..for your information, during that moment i used to be his 'anti-fan'. Kyaaa!!!! haha..no worry Jaywalker as right now, i'm not anymore! ^^

overall, the showcase was cool and i love all the performances especially my favourite song, "KNOW YOUR NAME". it was as superb as in the MV although my vid recording of the performance was getting error at the end of the song, HAMPEH GILERR! ("~.~)

so, here is a FANCAM taken from the YouTube!

anyhow, we had so much of fun since we were not just enjoying ourselves, WE'RE EVEN GOT THE CHANCE TO MEET EYE-TO-EYE with JAY PARK oppa as we've got the AUTOGRAPH PASS, remember! seriously, the only comment about him at the distance of 1cm is JAY PARK is damn cute! ^^

ok then, c ya on the next K-POP show! hehe..


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  1. wow..this is great.. jealous nye..x dapt join tgk jay ari tu..cause too far from my place, thanks sharing the photo and the moment..im one of jaywalker to..huhu..

  2. i love jay park! im so jealous cause i cant go for his concert..it too far from my place..thanks share the pic and ur moment at the concert..jaywalkers will always support jay park! yeah..>.*

  3. dear TQ SOOO MUCH for coming to view Jay oppa in here hehehhehe...its not a prob at all to share my photo w all the JAYWALKERS!! ^^ hwaiting jay oppa!


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