What-When-Wear?: Market@JayaOne

yup, that is all i've got! honestly, i've been so anticipate to play "What-When-Wear?" at this market but unfortunately, i was too late as it was already 5.15p.m when i arrived at the venue. fyi, the market was scheduled to end at 6.00p.m, so during my arriving they were already started to pack their stuff and clearing the booth. huh!

but still i succeeded capturing those girls who i considered as simple yet still stylish! well, there were few that attracted me besides these four gals but i have to split my time between eyeing those fashionista and shop for myself!

talking about the major look there, lot of people were wearing assuredly casual, laid-back like short with tee and BRIGHT colours! oh, i'm not being discriminating in here but the last lady in black is seriously beautiful and looking so gorgeous although she was wearing only a basic wear. haha..walaupun cam kaler nyamok kan tapi maintain cun gituh! hahahaha =D

so, here are the look of the day..

darn, i'm not buying any of those necklaces! now, i'm regret it as i look back at the photo. how can i'm not aware of them? haha..i guess i was too busy getting the perfect angle instead of finding good stuff for myself!

honestly, i was not really enjoying myself as lot of the booths were already closed during that time and frankly, there was not really much shops to shop! errkkkkk??! haha..so, guys if you wanna go to any flea market or bazar, please ensure that you come early and do not go if there is only 1 hr left. seriously, you will not having enough time to do the 1st eyeing tour, the 2nd begging for the price tour and lastly the 3rd deciding tour.

p/s: TQ SOO MUCH to all the pretty ladies who allowed me to capture the amazing look and pasted on this blog yarrr...well, i've got a cute Bruno Mars's inspiration dress to add into my closet! ^^


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  1. "i guess i was too busy getting the perfect angle instead of finding good stuff for myself!" - HILARIOUS. Girl you got me laughing so hard I nearly choked! ;) I'm fine now lol. Don't worry you've learnt your lesson, next time You'll hopefully find smth for yourself.



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