I'm using the NANO White Product!

atlast, i've found the skincare product that really works on me! work here means it does not give any opportunity for pimples to decorate my face plus IT IMPROVE MY SKIN VERY WELL! yup, i can clearly see the different from BEFORE to AFTER just a few days of using the serum (the brown bottle). fyi, the function of the serum is to reduce any blackheads and scars on the skin and yup, it totally done the job effectively!

after looking at the brilliant result, then only i started to trust the brand by using the toner and the night cream. now, i'm really satisfy with the result as my skin look more radiant day by day. NO, i don't recommend the facial cleanser to a person who is having a very sensitive and oily skin like mine because i'm myself is using another brand, the Acne Aid facial form!

haha..NO MONEY IS BEING PAID to me in writing this review. i just wanted to share with those who are looking for a 'whitening' product and maybe curious about this new brand whether it is 'Yes' or 'No'. yup, it is 'YES' for me, so good luck beauties. ^^


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  1. Me been using this one too lately. Great product! :)

  2. nano mmg ok pon..kita pakai bio essence ok jugak

  3. mr.zamri-->ohh same2 ka..hehe yup, its really a great one..haha xsangka juge mule2 try underestimate gak, then skg da jadi FAN! ^^

  4. cik colat-->hehe..tu r sy pon cam trasa bio-essence cam ok juge..ohh bole la usha2 t tq 4 sharing ^^

  5. bole le try pasni..
    lo ni pkai neutrogena deep clean.
    no toner, no moisturizer.
    cme pkai sunblock aquaplay je sbb slalu men panas.hahaha.hancus~

  6. neutrogena works on u dear? dh lama rs nk try deep cleansing die..haha mmg kna trlebeh rjin dok pkai yg sub sub jadah tu! hahaha


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