Look #240 - Airy Confection #MarneaKL

By Monday, September 26, 2016 ,

Outerwear from Marnea KL / Uniqlo Shirt / Topshop Jeans / Charles&Keith Cut-Out Laced Heels / Coach Bag

Intentionally, the highlight of this look is the outerwear or they named it as Selenia Cardigan. A best seller item from Marnea KL which im so in love with. this statement piece is glamorous and simply elegance. undeniably, its not easy to look extra fashionable with it. thanks for completing my look here as i purposely kept the inner part simple and basic though.

As expected, i love the airy confection that it brings to the whole outfit. nevertheless, that new brand heels is well-blended with the pants and looks like i was wearing a knee high boots instead. oh sure fire i will write a special entry for that super sexy shoes. just another buzz-worthy purchased!

 Instagram | @marnea.kl

Photographed by My Mom #MamaEton


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  1. What a glorious red-carpet ensemble! I especially love the heels... At first I thought the lace was part of the pants which would also be awesome. :D


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