SEPHORA Colour Pop-up Store "Boutique De Maquillage éphémère"

SEPHORA Colour Pop-up Store; combining 148 colours with new effect and textures. waterproof eyeshadows can be used wet for intense effects or dry, lip glosses, long-lasting cream eyeliners and blushes. 3-in-1 eye, lip and cheek creams and glowing luminizers all are in this one cute box!

Admittedly, I'm not a beauty blogger who willing to spend million of bucks like those makeup junkies. yup i am more attracted to the fashion items; cloth, shoes, bag and etc. well, although not really put a big budget on it but still, my makeup kit is just a basic one lorh.

Always sticking to that black smokey eyes, obviously i don't own any palette besides the smoky; black, brown and related etc etc. yup even not yet colouring my eyes with a Green / Yellow / Red eyeshadow. lorh a very boring one here. haha

So, high credit to SEPHORA Malaysia for giving me a chance to experiment with those gorgeous shades above! yup i got this during the previous SEPHORA Pre-Opening Party at Sunway Pyramid. thanks a lot all!! woohooooo

Oh oh never thought that i'm gonna own this magic box lorh haha since i'm only gonna put some colours on this face when i attended special occasions or otherwise cc cream, black eyeliner and a lip balm are just too enough. hehe

Hmmm...don't really know how to give the review. haha but i'm loving the eyeshadows the most especially the black colour with glitter (2nd pic) and the earthy collections in the middle part. they are easy to blend and rich in colour. frankly, loving the one with glitter compare with without it.

hahhaa sorry never tried the lip and blusher yet because honestly, i'm not wearing them! LOL ok ok will share it once i have played with them yar. hehehe

Thanks for reading beauties!  :)


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  1. Salam babe,

    I ada tag u join giveaway..

    Gudluck :)

  2. wahhhhh...seronok gilahhh kalau dpt yg ni..:)

  3. OMG!!! You are one lucky girl, this is what I want from Sephora, too bad I dun have time to drop by and grab it, do you this is still available in Sephora now?
    By the way, nice sharing, perhaps you can share in Seeties too? ^^

  4. ish bestnyaaa. tapi kalau i ada ni pun tak pakai kot tak reti makeup T.T


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