Welcome 2014 !!

Salam Hello Anyeong Ni hao 2014 and bye 2013!

Yup i don't wanna meet ya again 2013, Let Bygones Be Bygones. with this new spirit, i'm so ready to move on and strive through the 2014 with cheers and loves. =)

Well to wrap this 2013, i need ATLEAST 3 separate posts as countless events happened along the year. be it good or bad, both makes me stronger, learn and more arousing over the 2014 because i believe more and more AWESOME thingy will come knocking the door. insyAllah hehe.

Haha as a blogger, wrapping up each moments for the readers is a must! so, be aware of this coming few days since i will try my best to reminiscing and highlighting the crucial events in sequence. although i don't actually know when gonna sort everything since sure-fire starting on next week the workloads at my real working field will be overloaded as we are moving to a new space. huhu eh i'm not complaining lorh instead i am so much excited over working in a new environment. Woohooo!

See, 2014 is an awaiting year for me. so, i wish it is for you too ah! hehe now, sure you are pondering on what are my 2014 Aims & Mission. seriously, can't wait to share with you. thus, here are some that popping up in my mind now.

2014 Aims & Mission ^^

- strengthen my belief in Islam as well as improving my relationship with Allah. insyAllah
- hmmm...love marriage babies....hmm...pray pray pray insyAllah
- learn more, c'mon Suzai where is your master???
- or maybe less the stress by just starting my Mandarin class lorh
- work more and gain more!
- KURUS --> Diet --> KURUS
- travel more!!! Korea??? Bangkok? German?

ok then, continue later as i don't wanna miss the countdown. haha again HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 and the more is THANKS A LOT dearest followers and readers for all of this time, the supports and the loves towards this humble page. Muuuuahhhhh3x keep on reading yar.

Time: 12:00 am

Psst, the only thing that makes me down is......the age is increasing!!! OMG!!!


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  1. Happy New Year Suzai! Have an awesome year 2014 ahead! :D

  2. this is different from your taste la kak suzai but you look gorgeous!!
    Deabak! :)

  3. tq ssooooooooo much mr zamri the very loyal of follower and nvr tired of supporting me..huhu wish you also gonna hv one yar amin.. :)


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