LEESANG 1st Asia Showcase Live in Malaysia (Dying for Running Man's Kang Gary!)

By Thursday, January 09, 2014 ,


yup, i'm so back with this hardcore thingy of KPOP! honestly, Leesang??? hmmm dunno about it but I AM SO MUCH IN LOVE with the coolest guy in that popular Korean Game Show, Running Man who named as Kang Gary! Omo Gary is coming here~! Errr mianhae yeo Mr Gill.....

Anyhow, the show is TOMORROW lorh and still haven't got my tix yet. hahahaha because me and the friend are hunting for the LAST MINUTE SUPER DUPER Durian-Runtuh punya price ma....we're looking for atleast the VIP passes with the cheapest people can sell. so, who is reading this and got 2 tix on hand, kindly contact me via the FB/SizzlingSuzai as soonest as possible yarrrr.  "^^

P/s: i've already missed toooooo many show of my fav group; BigBang , CN Blue and Infinite! (T.T)


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  1. wahhh!! minat jugakkk!!!]
    Gary Oppa!!!

  2. salam dear. nak tny camane nk buat template blog yang gojes ni? btw done follow u, follow me back??


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