Bangkok House @Sunway Giza

Located at the GF of Sunway Giza Mall, Kota Damansara. looks exclusive from the outside and as expected, sleek and tidy for the interior. nothing much but definitely giving you the homey feeling once you stepped into the restaurant. well, waiters are nice too as we're kept on seeking for his recommendation instead of we pick by ourselves. Kapkumkap! ขอขอบคุณคุณ !

Now, lets get real and talking about the foods, taste and pricing.. Woohooo...check our simple orders on the day. we're having lunch in here which is unplanned and the worst is i was mistakenly ordering the WRONG TYPE OF TOMYAM soup!!!  (T.T)

Plain Rice - RM2 / plate
Tomyam Nam Sai Chicken (S) - RM15 for 3 pax
Pla Boh-Ran Siakap - RM48
Kana Plakhem (Kailan) - RM12

Oh crucial gist is the dining was consisting of 3 pax and the total lost is RM108.35 !! truth to be told, i am not stingy when it comes to dine in a good place with a great foods although requiring a big budget but this one is totally fail. =P

Admittedly that i was the one who got the wrong kinda tomyam soup as i don't like the white one. huh! but thanks to the siakap fish as it is OK lah. the fish is well-fried and the sweet sour sauce was just nice. the veggies is just a normal one lorh. nothing special. besides, i was looking for a somthai which is my fav lorh but the kitchen don't have it at that moment. huhu

Thus, as me and my parents were famished on that day, the foods were gone in few minutes. well, i'm so sorry but this is not really worth of recommendation and yet still wanna claim that

Foods : 3.5/5 (OK)
Ambiance : 3.5/5 (just neat and tidy but not portraying Bangkok pun! lorh)
Pricing : 2/5 (mahal woooo!)

thanks for reading foodies and PEACE No War! huhu photo taken via my phone only. =(


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