Look #118 - Red Riding Hood

Scarf from Jln tar / Kaftan from Jakarta / Clutch borrowed from my babe / Vincci heels

I won't asking for forgiveness of posting this bunch of photos for this only one outfit! hehe simply because i love all the shots and just can't resist from share it in this space. y'all know why? it is because the photographer is my most favorite personal photoG one! she is my babe, she always nailed it and she is Wanie-chan. huhu missing you always babe....

Oh, i love the glamorous vibe of the overall look of it, the kaftan as the highlight and the other detailing too. That kaftan already showed in here and yup, it is a gift from my Jakarta friend which i don't know where she bought it or even the price. sorry couldn't do any help in here. anyhow, still wanna confess that i am so much in love with that draped design which helping me to look slimmer and slimmer. haha

Then, the bottom is actually coming from here. surprisingly, the combo is just too awesome too deny. well, hopefully you love it as much as i do. :)

Wanie-chan i miss you soo much babe! >"<

Yup, it was during my unimates/coursemates wedding on the last few weeks. it was always great to get together like this as we're all being separated all over the country. haha one in Sarawak!, one in Johor, one in Kedah, one in Terengganu and the others are still staying in Selangor/KL hehe inclusive me lah~ but its hard to meet right. so, a wedding always be the reason of a reunion.

Goshh forgot the most crucial part, the speech for both of the bride and groom. CONGRATULATION Yana and Ridhuan smoga korang dipanjangkan jodoh sehingga ke syurga dan dikurniakan cahaya mata secepat yang mungkin seperti yang diidam idam kan amin..hehe :)

Photographed by WanieChan and Edited by SizzlingSuzai


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  1. Mish you too baby...glad all picca looks stunning heee

  2. Mish you too baby...glad all picca looks stunning heee

  3. comel ! hehe..nice..
    singgah blog syira ye :)
    da follow awak :)

  4. perghh.... kalah gaya pengantin posing outdoor nie....


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